Your Summer Just Got Better With Circle with Disney and FamilyTech

As parents look forward to the long days of Summer Break and the inevitable downtime their kids are about to face, it might stir up feelings of concern surrounding what kids will ultimately end up doing with all of that free time. Minds wander to countless hours spent on the tablet, in front of TV screens binging Netflix, or playing video games. In an ideal world, those summer months might actually be spent enjoying more sun and fewer screens. Ditch the preconceived tensions and struggles around technology use. Your summer (and your kids’) is about to get better.

We are teaming up with Circle with Disney for an exclusive offer to provide nine families with a Circle of their own. Circle is a way for families to manage content and time across all devices. It pairs with your home wifi and lets you manage every device on your network.

This summer, with Circle, parents can keep an eye on their kids’ online habits and set limits, or give extended time, as needed. Kids who are diligently working towards their summer reading goals can get that extra hour of screen time, or kids that meet the requirement of a few hours of fresh air and sunlight can be given that extended bed time.

Kids will get more out of their summer with FamilyTech and Circle, and more means something different to every family. Whether you’re looking to make more memories alongside each other, soak up a little sun, or simply enjoy some relaxing time by the pool, Circle and FamilyTech are helping to make that a reality.

For a chance to win one of the nine Circles, and start having the best summer ever, fill out the form below and cross your fingers! You can learn more about Circle with Disney here!

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*Disclaimer: In order to win one of the available Circle devices, the email address entered above must also be a Mothershp or HoneyDo user.

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