Winter-Themed Movies The Whole Family Will Enjoy

Are you running out of things to do with your family on these dark and wintery evenings? Whether you’re trapped inside for the night or dodging a winter storm, these movies are sure to warm you up and lift your spirits. Some of our favorite winter-themed movies are classics while other will quickly become a new winter tradition. Enjoy with your family!

The Chronicles of Narnia- PG

The first of a series of three and adapted from a book, The Chronicles of Narnia follows four young siblings as they travel to a mystical, wintery land through a wardrobe. It’s there that they meet a magical lion and a wicked witch. Guided by the lion, the four children must come face-to-face with their destiny to free it.

Things to know: The children are separated from their mother, which can be frightening for young children. There is some moderate violence as the witch tries to maintain her empire. Appropriate for children nine and above.

Snow Day- PG

Perfect for an actual snow day, this comedic film stars three young students and their quest to keep school closed for as long as possible. Watch as the kids try to defeat the snowplow man in hopes of an everlasting snow day and a real chance at true love.

Things to know: Full of family appropriate humor, but watch out for a few scenes of a young boy’s romanticized thoughts about his crush. Appropriate for children five and older.

Home Alone- PG

This classic holiday movies stars Macaulay Culkin, who plays Kevin, a young boy accidentally left at home by his family as they embark on a holiday vacation to Paris. Alone and unsure of what to do, Kevin must use his street smarts to keep the home and himself safe when two unwanted robbers target his home for robbery.

Things to know: While appropriate for children 10 and older, Home Alone is full of profane language, spoken by both kids and adults. While slightly exaggerated, the relationships between the family members can be disrespectful. Since the young boy is forgotten by his family and put into a dangerous situation, this film might be frightening for children under 10.

Rise of the Guardians- PG

All of a children’s superheroes come to life in this heartwarming film. Out to defend children from Pitch Black the superheroes, The Easter Bunny, Tooth Fairy, Santa, and the Sandman work together to keep the monster from turning dreams into nightmares.

Things to know: This film can be frightening at times and even a little bit violent. Great to watch with your family if your children are seven and older.

Chasing Ice- PG-13

Perfect for families with teens, this documentary explores a glacier retreat and its relationship to climate change and the argument on global warming. Educational and intriguing, this film works to convince its viewers about the threat global warming presents to our world and its people.

Things to know: At times, the topic of this documentary can be heavy and provoke sadness. Great for lifelong learners and intrigued teens, this film is appropriate for children 13 and above.

Happy Feet-


Another recent classic, this light-hearted animated film follows Mumble an Antarctic penguin who is ostracized from the other penguins after failing to find his “heart song” and blamed for the community’s fish shortage. Out on his own, Mumble discovers new friends, his own talents, and a whole new world.

Things to know: This film introduces present day problems like environmental crises and stereotypes. Fun for the whole family, this film is great for children five and older.

Embrace the wintery weather, cuddle up with your family, and enjoy these movies all winter long.

Erin Navaro, an Ohio native, is a young professional who works with older adults, supporting them in every stage of their care. Curious about the world, Erin has lived and worked in Tanzania and India, finding inspiration from the people and cultures that have hosted her along the way. To see what’s next, connect with her on LinkedIn.

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