Why Teaching Your Kids to Code Should Be Your New Year’s Resolution

Today, we have a guest post from our friends at Codarica. Codarica empowers children to learn the language of the future – programming. Their first app, CodeQuest, guides children through an adventure in the World Wide Web where they learn the basics of HTML and CSS.

We all know that time changes. And it changes rapidly. Do you remember that there was a time, not long ago, when you couldn’t use your telephone and the Internet at the same time? Well, thanks to innovators around the world our society and everyday life looks very different now. So we consume technology 24/7, and our kids do too, but do we really know HOW technology works?

Maybe we have some understanding of what code is, and that it is the core driver of our beloved technology, but maybe we don’t. But our kids were and are born into the technological world we live in. There is no pre-technology life for them. This is their world, and where they will grow up. It’s a fact that technology will rule their lives too.

And here comes the big “but”.

But if the children of today can’t just be unaware consumers of technology, then they have to actually learn to master the language of technology as well – to prepare them for the changing future, and no- doubt even more technology driven future. We communicate through technology, so shouldn’t it be common knowledge to understand the language of technology? The universal language of programming exists everywhere, and lets you build basically anything. With programming knowledge, kids can become the storytellers of the future – and how awesome isn’t that?

Time’s changing, and so must our attitude towards technology for kids. So make it your New Year’s Resolution to teach kids (or yourself!) how to code, it is never too early or too late.

Download Codarica for your iPad or iPhone here.


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