When Chores Are The Law

What if household tasks like chores were the law? According to this BBC article, it’s that way in some parts of Spain. Here are some details.

The measure, which would be part of a wider child protection law, says that children under the age of 18 have an obligation to participate in all areas of family life. That includes “co-responsibility in caring for the home and performing household tasks regardless of age and gender.” The rules come under a section of the law called “the rights and duties of children”. Along with doing chores, children would also have to be respectful to their parents and teachers, and have a positive attitude towards learning.

In some ways, this might sound like a great thing to parents. After all, being able to hang the actual law over your kid’s heads when it comes to being respectful and keeping their rooms clean should give you some extra power.

There is a flip side though.

A happy home is a home with positive reinforcement. It should be the goal of all homes, though many parents have a difficult time remembering why it’s so important. When parent’s demand our children to do a task, even when that task is for their own good, it can cause the child to want to do it that much less.

Parents want and (usually) deserve their kid’s respect. Children should listen and pull their weight around the house. But consistency in this area is impossible without positive reinforcement.

You probably do what your boss tells you to do at work, but our children don’t have all the same experience and reasoning that we do as adults. Not to mention the fact that our positive reinforcement comes in the form of a consistent paycheck.

The reasons for expecting our children to do what we ask are valid, but if we use positive reinforcement as a tool with apps like ChoreMonster and Landra, the chances for a consistent, happy household go up dramatically. Your kids can work towards something they want and might even ask for more work to reach their goals faster. Sounds like a worthwhile proposition.


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  1. Totally agree regarding chores for children/teen-agers/young adults. Need to instill in them the importance – why do chores. Raised 3 kids and instilled in them the importance. Why – because we are a family under the same roof. Everyone needs to do their part because its like being part of a team. Each member must pull their weight/do their chores. Having a roof over your head is and still a basic necessity in life but there are expectations fr all under that roof; the roof is the home which must be maintained – must be cleaned, appliances must be maintained which includes cleaning etc.. If you don’t do your part then you don’t deserve to be under that roof, enjoying the comforts of life. Also teaches discipline. Hopefully when children leave home they’ll be equipped with basic skills to fly and survive this world.

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