What To Do With Leftover Halloween Candy

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Halloween is over, and your kids have dipped into their stash as often as possible, it won’t be long until it’s an afterthought. I don’t mean to say that your kids are tired of candy, but if you regulate it a bit, you’ll realize that it’s often an out of sight, out of mind thing.

They’ve already devoured their favorites, (and you probably have too). But there is still a gigantic pile of candy tucked away in a closet or spread haphazardly around your kid’s rooms. So what do you do with what is left? Well, there are more options than just throwing it away. The kids will be cool with it unless of course, you tell them you ate it all.

Those poor kids. On to better ways to use that leftover candy.

Recipes: There are tons of ways to repurpose that candy through a new dessert, but here are some standouts courtesy of Food52.

Donate it: The most selfless option is to donate that candy to a group less fortunate than you are. This is probably the best option too if you have tons of it and even fancy recipes and crafts aren’t putting a dent into your kid’s stash. Some great options here, thanks to Mommy Poppins.

Science Experiments: Oh, the dreaded school science experiment. We hate them as much as you, but maybe you can cut costs a bit by using leftover Halloween candy in your experiments. Babble has some creative options for you right here.

Crafts: You can also re-purpose plenty of your candy into fun crafts for the kids. Here is one of the more creative choices that is perfect as Thanksgiving approaches.

Have any other creative ideas for all that extra candy? Let us know.

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