What people are saying about Circle with Disney

Since we announced our partnership with Circle back in March, we’ve received a bunch of positive feedback from our users. Today, we wanted to highlight one of those families. The Locke-Setter’s have two children and gave us this great feedback about their experience using Circle.

“We have been a ChoreMonster and Mothershp family for several years and both of my children and I love the app. We love how customizable the chores and rewards are and my children love collecting monsters. When we decided to look at options that would help us keep our children safe online and manage their usage we were excited to see that Circle with Disney and FamilyTech had teamed up.

Setup of our Circle was so simple, and instructions were very clear and easy to follow. Once everything was configured, it was just a few more steps to get our ChoreMonster account linked as well. Being able to reward our children with extended screen time using the integrations between Circle and ChoreMonster is great with no extra steps and switching between apps. My kids just pick the reward in ChoreMonster and once I approve it in Mothershp then the integration with Circle takes care of the rest! It helps keep both my kids happy and me too!”

– Tina Locke-Setter

We want to thank Tina for sharing her Circle experience! Right now you can get $20 OFF your Circle at meetcircle.com! Start using Circle with Disney to manage your kid’s devices this holiday season! (Offer Ends 12/22/2017)

Sponsored by Circle.

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Joe Long