Tips for a Healthier, Smarter Summer

Believe it or not, summer isn’t just for the kids. Parents should get to enjoy themselves too. Unfortunately, between carpooling to summer camp, friends’ houses, and listening to an endless chorus of I’m bored, summer can be anything but relaxing for parents. Luckily, it doesn’t have to be that way. Enjoy short summer months and keep everything running smoothly with three apps help parents stay on top of hydration, nutrition, and education (while also providing time for some much-needed relaxation).

Keep Kids Hydrated

The summer months just keep getting hotter and hotter, which means it’s more important than ever to stay hydrated. A recent Harvard study found that over half of children are not hydrated enough. Not only can prolonged dehydration result in heat stroke, but it can also affect attention, cognition, and some diseases like obesity and diabetes.

While it can be difficult to keep track of how much water children are drinking throughout the day, especially when they are out of sight, Gululu can help. Gululu is a smart water bottle designed to encourage children to drink more water while keeping parents informed about their children’s hydration. The smart, interactive water bottle allows children to pick a virtual pet that grows as they drink more water, which encourages them to reach their personalized hydration goals. When connected to wifi, Gululu automatically uploads children’s drinking data to the cloud where parents are able to view it.

Cook Healthier Meals

After a long fun-filled day the last thing parents want to do is rack their brain to find something healthy to make. Although Pinterest is a haven for healthy recipe ideas, it can be annoying to bounce back and forth between measuring, cooking, and reading the recipe. Fortunately, SmartyPans was developed to ease this process.

Smartypans is the first smart frying pan with an integrated app that provides step-by-step cooking instructions, computes calories, and documents recipes in real-time. You can even tell the app what you’re adding to the pan, and its voice recognition technology will calculate calories and create individualized recipes that can be shared with friends in real-time.

Send Kids to Virtual Summer Camp

Every parent knows the struggle of keeping their children entertained for the long eight weeks of school-free summer. Of course, there are countless summer camps created to keep children active and fill their days, but what if your child could do that for less (or free) from the comfort of their own home?

Virtual summer camps are a fun, cost-effective way to keep children entertained, educated, and out of your hair. The types of virtual summer camps vary, but most are either geared towards structured learning or choose-your-own-adventure.  So, whether children want to learn to code through Connected Camps or explore outer space with Maker Camp, the opportunities to learn this summer are endless.

Grab some sunglasses, sunscreen, and that novel you’ve meant to read for the past six months because it’s finally time to enjoy your summer!


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