These Apps Will Help You Keep Your 2017 Resolutions

You can’t scroll through Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, or even a rundown of your favorite blogs without seeing a recap of the best things from 2016. You’ll start seeing all of those New Year’s Resolutions come tomorrow and then everyone will be left wondering how to make that happen. If resolving to manage your office, home, or life is on your list of resolutions for 2017, here’s a list apps that can help make that happen:


Resolution: Get the kids involved with housework, because they’re basically tornadoes.

Download: ChoreMonster, Landra, Mothershp


You knew we weren’t going to skip over these. You’ll get chores and tasks around the house completed. Your teenager will probably start doing their homework. Mom and Dad won’t end up having a meltdown because they have no help with housework anymore. Yay for FamilyTech!


Resolution: Save more money! Buy less $12 lattes.

Download: Mint


Finances are usually high on everyone’s list. Mint is a money manager, budget creator, and bill payer in one. You can get alerts and advice on your money habits. Track investments and check your credit score. It’s free and customized to your habits, so it’s the perfect way to manage your finances exactly how you need to.


Resolution: Stop wasting so much stuff.

Download: iRecycle


Perhaps helping the environment is on your list of things to do in 2017. The iRecycle app helps locate places to recycle just about anything. It’s especially helpful for those things that seem unrecyclable, like hazardous materials (we’re not talking about those dirty diapers).


Resolution: Get rid of things I don’t use anymore. Hasn’t been worn in 5 years? Sell it.

Download: eBay


It seems simple enough, but everyone holds onto something that isn’t used anymore. Perhaps it’s sentimental value. Perhaps there is always the hope that you’ll eventually fit into it again. Stop. Sell it, get the money, and use that money for more lattes. Just kidding, use the money to buy things like an Amazon Echo so you don’t have to think as hard.


Resolution: Be happy.

Download: Happify (or refer back to the first resolution, because we’re pretty sure sanity equates to happiness)
This app is backed by some of the biggest names in the biz. Using Happify’s techniques bad habits can be broken and you can take control of your life. There are activities to help you get to your goals and frequent users have been shown to improve happiness in as little as two months. So, by the time you need a kick in the butt to get back to those resolutions, you’ll be so happy that it won’t be a problem.

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