These 5 Toys Will Get Your Kids Outside This Summer

Warm, sunny days mean kids will be spending a lot more time outside. Organized sports, amusement parks, zoo trips, and neighborhood play will dominate their time over the next few months. Older kids might actually find themselves gathering at the local park or at a friends house in the backyard for friendly competition. Even with plenty to do outside in the minds of parents, kids want more than just sticks, rocks, and makeshift bases to run. These are some of the coolest new toys to get kids outside, keep their brains growing, and interact with tech in a new (even nostalgic) new way.

Remote Control Stunt Car

There isn’t a single parent around who wouldn’t have loved this futuristic, all-terrain version of the remote control car as a kid. While kids will have an awesome time zooming this Stunt Car around the neighborhood, parents might find a way to get their own turn, too. The ZHMY remote control stunt car is designed for ages eight and up and can flip, tumble, drift, and drive at multiple angles. It even has lights so Mom and Dad can take it for a test drive of their own after the kids street light curfew sends them inside.

Walkie Talkies

Kids can run off on their own little mission with these walkie talkies designed especially for the great outdoors. There are 22 different channel options so parents can pick a new channel for each occasion. Whether it’s an amusement park where kids are looking to run off on their own for a couple hours, or just out into the woods for a game of recon, kids and parents alike will find a lot of use for these. (It might just be the next best thing to texting your teenager for dinner – though we wouldn’t formally suggest it!)

RC Helicopter With Gyro

These days, a lot of people are into drones. But, it might not be the first thing you’d like to get your kid – considering some of them require a Commercial Drone License. Instead, a remote controlled helicopter will satisfy their need for flying something through the open skies. This one is best for teens and has a 10-meter controlling distance so things can’t get too out of hand.


We’ve highlighted Bloxels, and their ability to turn gamers into programmers, before. Sure, Bloxels might seem like a stereotypical indoor activity, but take this tech outside and let kids get inspired by their surroundings. Their game’s terrain can look just like the backyard, neighborhood, or lake if you’re lucky enough to be there on vacation. Help kids build their very own video game and the insert themselves and friends as characters.

Back 2 Nature Outdoor Set

Little explorers can head off in the wild with the Back to Nature Outdoor Set. It comes with four different items that allow younger kids to explore the world around them. Whether they enjoy bird watching, getting lost and finding their way like Lewis and Clark, exploring deep, dark caves, or simply getting a closer look at the many small creatures around them, there’s something for everyone in this kit. Maybe even add Bug-opedia to give them a head start on learning what’s living outside their door.

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