These 4 YouTube Sensations Are Worth Your Kid’s Time

Did you know that YouTube has over 300 hours of video uploaded every minute? That’s a lot of video. It’s a predominantly male viewership as well. YouTube’s audience is 90 percent male. That’s crazy!

While males might make up the vast majority of viewers, the things being watched by the sexes are just as vastly different. Men watch things about Nintendo, bodybuilding, virtual worlds, and graphics and animation. The fairer sex watches things on makeup and cosmetics, weight loss, pop music, and dogs. Yes, dogs.

These are all great to know, but what about families? What are families and their kids watching? YouTube Kids has been great for parents not wanting their kids to stumble on something too mature for their little eyes. There are snippets of Daniel Tiger, Disney has content curated specifically for YouTube, and then there are the other things. The kinds of things that parents scratch their heads about when they overhear a few seconds.

While unboxing might seem strange, it’s probably one of the tamer aspects of YouTube Kids. There are makeup tutorials for your preteen daughter, or more elaborate tutorials using makeup and facepaint to turn vloggers into one of your kids’ favorite movie characters. Or even budding bakers and chefs that walk you through playing Lego Harry Potter. How these two things fit together, we’re not sure.

You may never understand the appeal of Kinder Surprise Eggs being unwrapped and opened, but we’re pretty sure you’ll understand why these next four YouTube channels might just be one of your kid’s next favorites.


Meet Mya. She shares education tips and tricks, crafts, and songs. We are pretty sure you’ll want to invest in invisible ink ingredients, blue tape, and sunglasses before letting your kids watch this one, but it is a pretty cool way for them to spend their free time.

Action Movie Kid

This is James. James and his sister find themselves in extraordinary situations with robots, superheroes, and cardboard boxes. They love themselves some Star Wars too. Take this duel for example. Pretty sure most kids would join The Darkside to be able to do this too.


These girls are the largest group of girls on YouTube with their own channel. They take turns posting videos for their preteen fans. One of the girls, Jazzy, has problems with superpowers just like any superhero. But, we doubt most superheroes end up in toilet paper at the grocery store.

Family Fun Pack

Family Fun Pack is pretty unique. This family of seven takes on challenges, visits parks, plays, and travels together. What’s pretty cool, mom and dad get in on the fun. What kid wouldn’t love to see their parents make fools of themselves with the Mouthguard Challenge?

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