The Rise Of Artificial Intelligence In Your Home

If the products unveiled at this month’s CES conference in Las Vegas are any indication, AI, or Artificial Intelligence is on the rise. And as robots become smarter and more useful around the house, how soon will it be before you integrate them into your home?

Chances are you already have artificial intelligence in your home in some capacity. That’s because Amazon’s Alexa, Siri, and Google’s Assistant are significant parts of many homes and have been for some time. eMarketer says that this year, 45.4 million Americans will talk to an AI assistant inside smart speakers.

And AI is taking a big step forward in 2018. Alexa, for example, is showing up in TVs, smartwatches, refrigerators, and even smart mirrors. And later this year, it will be available in cars as well, as Toyota and Lexus vehicles were announced to be adding the service in the U.S. And Byton announced a smart electric SUV that Fortune claims could replace your smartphone.

And robot toys for the home are making moves as well. CES showcased Sony’s revamped Aibo robot dog has a camera on its nose to identify family members and another one near its tail to help it map your home. And we profiled the My Special Aflac Duck last week, which is a robotic comfort toy to help kids being treated for cancer.

And while many of these new products carry a hefty price tag, the majority of the AI available today is affordable and is making a better and better case to integrate into your home. How many of these products are you interested in, and do you have any fears or doubts about making them a part of your home?

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Joe Long