The Post-Christmas Blues


Christmas is over!

I know many parents rejoice when this holiday finally comes to a close. After all, it’s hectic and can be difficult to navigate. You not only need to be sure to get what your kids want, but have the daunting task of staying within a budget. But now that the 25th is past, things don’t really get as easy as we hope they will, now do they?

I mean, there are returns. The sweater doesn’t fit and the new shoes don’t have enough room in the toes to account for your 10 year olds oncoming growth spurt. The thing you ordered online was the wrong color and now you have to return that through the mail. And oh yeah, a couple gifts have already been broken or deemed broken by the kids after a days worth of activity.

Well, despite the ups and downs of gift giving, we know there was at least one fist pumping, smile inducing, gift giving experience for you with your kids this year.

For my guys it was probably an IPad that they all get to share (and use Choremonster on.) I was also pleasantly surprised by the happy dance my 8 year old did when he unwrapped his new snow pants.

How did your little ones react when they unwrapped their gifts? Let us know in the comments.


3 thoughts on “The Post-Christmas Blues”

  1. Unfortunately, I forgot the ‘pre-Christmas sell’ so when my 9 year old opened his Kindle, he didn’t even know what it was! Poor little guy looked confused and disappointed that it wasn’t Legos. A week later, though, and that Kindle still hasn’t left his sight. It’s become his favorite gift.

    My oldest immediately took his new crash symbol, drum throne, and sticks downstairs to give them a whirl on his ancient drum kit.

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