The One Relationship You Have To Stop Neglecting

Life can get out of control very quickly. And when you’re trying to manage your home, your kids, your job, and whatever social calendar you still have time for, other things can suffer. One of the first things that can quickly be neglected is your relationship with your significant other. 

So, how do you find time for each other within the craziness of everyday life? It’s not easy, and there are tons of methods, books, and how-to guides out there on the web, but one way you can deepen your relationship is to serve each other.

What does that mean? Well, it can be as simple as doing something for her or him that isn’t expected. If they are always the one putting together dinner, jump in and make a meal one night. If they are the one responsible for every car ride to school or practice with the kids, offer to be the taxi driver and give them a break.

And just in case you do find yourself with some downtime on the weekend, make the most of it. Always leave room for each other to have fun. Date nights are vital, whether it’s a night on the town or just time alone at home playing a game or watching a movie.

What’s that? You already know all of this and still can’t manage to do it consistently? You know that moment when you think to yourself: “I’m gonna impress her or him this week and do something unexpected”…

Then, by the end of that day, you’ve forgotten or all your ambition is zapped.

Yeah, we get it, that’s part of why we created HoneyDo. With this app, it’s our goal to create harmony with your significant other. And since it’s tough enough to juggle all of the things we’ve already discussed, the app is here to help you remember and track your good intentions.

HoneyDo can help you manage all those household chores and tasks that each of you is responsible for, and can also help remind you to reward yourself and your relationship to keep it healthy, strong, and fun.

So just in case you haven’t already given it a shot or downloaded it and just forgot why you did, give HoneyDo a try and let us know how you’re creating space for Me Time, Us Time, or Fun Time in your relationship.

The FamilyTech suite of apps are designed to bring sanity to family and connect parents, kids, and couples in a way like never before. Download Mothershp, ChoreMonster, Landra, or HoneyDo to start seeing a happier family today!


Joe Long