The Coolest Parts of LEGO Batman’s Arsenal

Look at IMDB and find 46 Batman titles. This includes the newest, The Batman LEGO Movie set to hit theaters on February 10, and Justice League, set to release later this year. For all superhero fanatics, Batman is a legend.

Batman is one of the most popular heroes around. He’s also one of the few that is actually human. Bruce Wayne has no superpowers of his own. He is rich, intimidating, a martial arts master, in peak physical condition, and has genius-level intellect. On top of his unmatched intelligence, The Caped Crusader has a knack for imagining, designing, and developing some of the coolest weaponry there has ever been.

As we ramp up for the release of The Batman LEGO Movie, let’s take a look at some of the coolest parts of Batman’s arsenal.

Wayne Manor


Bruce Wayne resides at Wayne Manor, just outside of Gotham City. It touts secret passageways, hidden rooms, and an underground lair known as The Batcave. To the general public, Wayne Manor is managed by Alfred Pennyworth and is simply a monstrous mansion inhabited by an orphaned boy turned swinging bachelor. Even as Bruce hosts lavish parties and showcases his unending supply of money, his friends, colleagues, and business conquests are never tipped off to the enormous gold mine they’re inside. Get a look inside Wayne Manor with this special edition of MTV’s Cribs as they explore The LEGO Batman Movie home.

The Batmobile


The first Batmobile was a far cry from the Batmobile of today. The 1941 original had sleek design and was more like a cool muscle car. It has since evolved to have more military-style, a rib-cage-like design in 1995, to the Tumbler from The Dark Knight series. It’s technology started with remote voice control and the ability to transform itself into a missile thin version of itself to fit through the tightest city alleyways. Then, as the Batmobile was destroyed in The Dark Knight, it was given the ability to transform itself into The Batpod, known as a motorcycle on steroids. LEGO gives the legendary Batmobile a twist of its own coming up.

Cell Phone Tracking


The public is always warned about the possibility of being tracked at every step now that smartphones are connected in more ways than ever before. This is take to a whole new level in The Dark Knight when Batman used sonar and turned every cellphone in Gotham into a microphone. It gives him the ability to image the city and find his nemesis. Though most people wouldn’t be happy about having their cell phone tapped in this way, they might be more accepting if they knew Batman had something to do with it.

The Batsuit


What might be the most important piece of weaponry Batman has, the Batsuit is an almost impenetrable piece of armor with bullet proof elements, has built in communication to amplify his unearthly voice, combat technologies to shoot when needed, and a utility belt featuring an encrypted cell phone option. His cape is iconic, his silhouette known across Gotham, and his ability to seemingly fly is unlike any other.

Let’s not forget his grappling gun, Batarang, explosive gel, and even shark spray used by Adam West in his role as Batman. He even taps into Kryptonite’s power when he uses it against Superman. We can’t wait to see exactly what LEGO has in store for the latest chapter in the Batman series.


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