The Albert Clock Makes Math Fun

The Albert Clock just might be the wake-up call needed to feel sharp and positive first thing in the morning. It might even be the tool that makes math fun for kids (and adults).

What Is the Albert Clock

Created by two French men, the Albert Clock is a unique, digital wall clock that requires you to calculate the hours and minutes all on your own. Need more? For example, a Level 1 Albert time looks like this: 4 + 4 hours and 32 – 1 minutes. What time is it? 8:31. Perfect for kids who are newly introduced to mathematics. Albert has four levels of difficulty that grow with mathematical skills though. At Level 4, the same 8:31 time would read something like 9 : 3 + 5 hours and 5 x 8 – 9 minutes. This is when PEMDAS comes in handy.

The Albert Clock is specifically designed with LED digits and circuits for optimizing the appearance of the numbers and mathematical signs. Although available as an app for any smartphone or tablet, it is not readily available in the app store. With the purchase of an Albert Clock, you receive a special code for downloading the app on any smartphone or tablet.

Use It As a Tool

This playful approach allows children to use their brains to calculate the time and requires them to use mathematical skills they wouldn’t normally use outside of the classroom. It keeps the brain mentally fit, but in a fun way. Perfect for long summer days when math sheets are the last things on kids’ minds. It’s also beneficial for adults who are looking to strain their brain and keep themselves mentally young.

The Albert Clock is also a great tool to use in classrooms for education. Kids spend hours out of boredom looking at the clock mounted on a classroom wall waiting for the bell to ring. Why not make that time useful by exercising their minds using something as simple as math?

Don’t Just Tell Time

Families can turn the Albert Clock into a game using the different levels of difficulty as a means of winning. This is an excellent way to bring families together for a night of cooking or baking in the kitchen. Every dish prepared has a different time of cooking, get the kids involved with having to solve when each dish goes into the oven and when it needs to come out. The Albert Clock is a great way to keep kids learning without making it seem like that’s exactly what they’re doing.


Kimberly Lewis is a graduate of Northern Kentucky University with a Bachelor’s Degree in education. She taught science at the Warren County Alternative School before choosing to continue her love of writing as a freelancer while at home raising her two children.

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