Do Things. Get Stuff.

Teens want more freedom and real-world rewards, while parents want them to accept responsibility.

With the Landra app, parents and teens work together to get things done in exchange for what teens really want, more independence and stuff.

For parents looking to connect with teenagers on their level, the Landra app makes it a happy possibility.
Teens have the chance to cultivate responsibility on their own terms.


Parents, the Landra app works hand-in-hand with Mothershp. Ask your teen to download Landra and you can download Mothershp here.


How does it work?

Teens sign into the Landra app, designed especially for them, and can see their tasks as assigned by their parents in Mothershp.

Landra also gives teens the freedom to suggest tasks they’d be willing to complete – something younger kids aren’t given the opportunity to do in ChoreMonster.

Parents and teens can work together to decide on the rewards that teens are working towards and how many points are required to redeem those rewards.

Landra offers teens the independence to work on their own time to meet task deadlines. Then, teens start doing things, earning points, getting stuff!


But don’t just take our word for it!

“I’m a huge fan of Choremonster, the app for helping manage, and encourage, kids chores. It was a little weird for older kids or teens though because it’s all about monsters and cartoons. Landra is the grown up, cleaned out version that teens should feel comfortable and at home with.”

“Awesome, just a natural progression from one great app (ChoreMonster) to my teen. Love it!”
Rob H.

“Just started using ChoreMonster, Landra, and Mothershp – and I love them! Great apps. Thanks!”