Tech Tool Of The Month: SparkPeople

Happy New Year! We all know that when the calendar flips over to January, many of us start to change our habits. And of course, the biggest habit we try and change has to do with our health. The most common New Year’s Resolution is to get fit and eat healthy, and our recommendation today is an amazing way to help you meet those goals.


SparkPeople is a website and suite of mobile apps that help people set and achieve health goals. Anyone that has tried to lose weight or stick with a¬†workout routine knows that one of the best ways to stick with it is to have some solid accountability. And while it might be easy enough to grab a friend who commits with you early on, if they don’t hold up their end of the bargain, your plans can quickly fall apart. That’s one of the things that helps SparkPeople stand out. When you sign up, you get access to an active, supportive community of people looking for the same accountability you need to keep moving forward. There are thousands of user-submitted and reviewed recipes, along with diagnostic tools such as a BMI checker, and email reminders for that small nudge you need to keep going.

SparkPeople also provides users with personalized diet and fitness programs based on your weight and lifestyle. You even have access to personal trainers through easy-to-understand video workouts. And when the workout is over and you need to replace those calories, do it with healthy foods from the recipe database, where there are over 60,000 healthy meal options to choose from.

There are plenty of approaches to your New Year’s diet and fitness goals, but there aren’t many with the community and resources you get with SparkPeople. And what might be best about it is the fact that it’s free, and is easy to access using your smartphone or computer to keep up with your goals, try and new workout, or stay accountable through the community of people just like you.

Just another way technology is giving us more ways to stay healthy and happy in 2017!

Joe Long