Tech Tool Of The Month: REMI

Sleep. It’s the one thing most parents need most when kids are young. And while it’s generally known that consistency with sleep schedules and routines are what work best for children, it’s tough to achieve. So whether you have a baby that you want to keep closer tabs on while they sleep or a toddler that you’d like to teach to stay in bed a little later than 6 am every weekend, REMI is a great new solution.

Our Tech Tool Of The Month is a crowdfunded project currently funding on Indiegogo. REMI is a sleep trainer, sleep tracker, and baby monitor and much more. For infants, REMI gives parents a baby monitor that also tracks sleep and provides data to help you learn and improve your child’s sleep through their app. Through the tracker, you can maintain a diary of your little one’s sleep to help you identify what conditions are best.


As your child grows, REMI grows with them and can continue to help train them for healthier sleep habits. Parents can customize the sleep, wake, and rest schedules for their kids to help them know the best times to get out of bed and the best times to try and get a little extra sleep without disturbing the rest of the home. It can also be a great nap manager, plays lullabies at bedtime, and your kids can upload their favorite music for the alarm in the mornings.



And as a bonus, kids can use REMI as a Bluetooth speaker during waking hours for their very own listening enjoyment.

REMI looks like a great new tech tool that could change the sleep habits of the kids in your home and is worth trying if you’re interested in more peace in your home.

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Joe Long