Tech Tool Of The Month: Leela Kids

Are your kids into podcasts yet? In the past, we’ve recommended some great ones for family listening. Of course, there are going to be podcasts that your kids are going to love that you might be less than interested in hearing. And knowing that they are making smart, age-appropriate choices, when they dive into the wide world of podcasts, is vital. That’s where our Tech Tool of The Month comes in.

This month’s recommended Tech Tool is Leela Kids. It’s an app that curates podcasts by subject matter for kids with age ranges from three to 15 years old. They arrive in a kid-friendly interface, and the app is available on IOS and Android platforms.

Parents might already be familiar with Leela, as the main app hosts about four million podcast episodes across 30,000 different shows. Leela Kids already has access to 80 shows and about 5,000 podcast episodes for your kids to choose from.

To curate the best podcasts for your little ones, Leela Kids uses technology and human curation to find the best shows for specific ages. And kids can easily click and listen without having to subscribe. Have you tried Leela Kids yet? If you’re looking for a great way for your kids to discover and enjoy more podcasts, give it a shot and let us know what they uncover.

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Joe Long