Tech Tool Of The Month: Google Trips

Traveling during the holidays or really any time of the year can be hectic and difficult to plan. And while there are plenty of great options out there to help you, there aren’t very many that do it all in one app.

Google Trips might be able to handle most, if not all, of your travel planning needs. The new, free app was launched earlier this year and looks like a great solution for your next family getaway. You can easily plan each day of your trip in advance, mapping out destinations and searching for things that are nearby to do as well. Find a restaurant within walking distance of the museum, or add a famous sight to your trip later in the day that’s closer to the hotel.

Google wants Trips to act like a tour guide in your pocket and will start with the advantage of knowing you already thanks to data collected from your Gmail account. The app has guides for more than 200 major cities, and each of those has six main features: Reservations, Things to Do, Saved Places, Day Plans, Food & Drink and Getting Around. Smaller cities have features as well, but it’s the big boys that get all the bells and whistles.

And you can save data or bail yourself out of a bad situation where you have no service or WiFi by downloading your trips in advance, making them easy to access and utilize offline.

It looks like a great app for parents who are taking the kids on a big vacation, or maybe just a day trip to a nearby city the family wants to explore. And best of all, it’s free, so the risk is next to nothing, and you might end up enjoying your next family adventure even more.

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Joe Long