Tech Tool of the Month: Echo Show

This year’s craze of at-home voice assistants has leaped to a whole new level. We recommended this product as a good IOU for Dad on Father’s Day, and now the wait is finally over. Yesterday, Amazon debuted our Tech Tool of the Month: Echo Show, a version of Alexa that is enhanced with video to go along with its current voice-activated format.


Imagine getting ready in the morning and having the option to call your husband, wife, mom, or grandpa with a simple request. Connect before your day starts or check-in with someone who you haven’t spoken to in awhile. Using the same wake word, “Alexa,” the Echo Show responds instantly and connects you to the person you need right at that moment. And, if that person happens to have an Echo or the Alexa App, that call has video capabilities.


Whether you’re looking to control your music as you move from stove to fridge to sink and back again, or you want to watch a step-by-step recipe guide on YouTube, Echo Show can do it. What’s even more perfect for parents? As you’re busy tackling household tasks, tap into the baby monitor and check on the littlest one napping in their crib. Or, use the app to check in with others that are still home while you’re away for business.


Simply ask the device to show you the latest from CNN, Bloomberg, and more. Watch recently released movie trailers and manage the family calendar and to-do lists from one device. It controls smart home devices like Ring and Ecobee, and even helps reserve a place for dinner through OpenTable (when you may have been a little too ambitious in your previously mentioned kitchen dance)!


For the modern family, the Echo Show just might be the way to keep everything organized, manageable, and running smoothly. Plus, who doesn’t want to simplify those irregular, mundane aspects of everyday life? If a simple voice command can not only tell you but show you everything you need, there’s reason for everyone to take advantage of the technology.

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