Tech Tool Of The Month: Cubetto

Many agree that coders are the workforce of the future. And that thought has led to a wave of coding based products for our kids. But our Tech Tool of The Month for January is approaching this education differently.

Like other products and tools on the market, Cubetto teaches kids the basics of coding before many can even read or write. But the kit is screen-less and is instead a wooden, cube-shaped robot on wheels. It includes a game board and blocks that kids place to create a program that moves the robot through different obstacles arranged on a mat.

Here is a video that helps give you an idea of how Cubetto works.

Cubetto is made by Primo Toys, who have spent the last few years making their product a reality. They will be at this year’s CES in Las Vegas and plan to make a big splash.

To learn more about Cubetto, visit their website. And if you’re ready to order a kit, you can do that right here.

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Joe Long