Tech Tool Of The Month: ClassDojo

Technology continues to change the way our homes function on a daily basis. Here at FamilyTech we are striving to help bring sanity back to your home, and we know that there are plenty of great tech tools out there that we didn’t create, but are happy to endorse. Today, we take a look at ClassDojo: a tool that connects teachers with students and parents to build better classroom communities.

ClassDojo gives teachers the ability to create a virtual classroom with a real name and cartoon character avatar for each student. Then they choose behaviors like following directions or completed homework and award points for each student that hits the mark.

Parents can view, like, and comment on their child’s progress through the ClassDojo app. They can also easily message teachers through the app and get more information about how their child is performing in class. This helps open the lines of communication between parents and teachers in a format that most are using anyway.

We love the reward structure that incentivizes kids in the classroom to behave and stay focused on their work. The video game structure is also a huge benefit, keeping kids engaged and on task. And of course, we are big fans of how easy and safe it is to keep tabs on your kids using the ClassDojo app. Parents can chime in with praise to help encourage their kids in real time, and contact teachers if there is a concern or question about how their child is progressing. The communication is seamless.

And ClassDojo now offers “Class Story”, a feature that allows parents and teachers to share images through the app. Teachers can create photo assignments, while Parents can share images of students engaging with homework. Parents can also receive missing assignments and forms instantly, and learn more about out of school activities. It’s a great addition to a tech tool that is helping enhance the learning environment for our kids, and keeping parents connected to to the classroom.

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Joe Long