Tech Tool of The Month: AmpliFi HD Home Wi-Fi System

In this connected age, we all want a faster, more consistent internet connection. And instead of paying extra each month to your internet service provider, you might want to consider our Tech Tool of the Month for November instead.

The tool is called AmpliFi. And it’s an HD home Wi-Fi system that gives your internet speeds a big boost. It’s easy to setup and gives you the option to track your ISP performance in seconds. But the really vital feature that families will love is the ability to customize controls through their app and manage every connected device in your home.

So when you have 5,6,7 or maybe even 10 devices connected to your network at a time, you now have control over which devices get priority of that precious bandwidth. So parents can prioritize their laptop over the Xbox or IPad your kids are using because as we all know, work is a little more important than gaming. (Sorry!)

You can also cut access for one device if homework or chores are a requirement before screen time.

AmpliFI eliminates dead zones in your home, with coverage of up to 20,000 square feet. It also lets you roam freely around the house with your device without the need to jump to a different network.

Looks like a fantastic tool to help your connected home run more smoothly, and give parents a little more control over how it flows. Learn more about AmpliFI here.

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Joe Long