Tech Tool Of The Month: Amazon Rapids

We are huge proponents of reading. And teaching your kids how to make reading a habit for learning, entertainment, and an increased vocabulary. So this month’s Tech Tool of The Month is Amazon Rapids.

Rapids is a new offering from Amazon, and provides exclusive content designed help kids look forward to and maybe fall in love with reading. The short stories are told through the lens of characters that are having what looks a lot like a text conversation. Amazon says that the content is meant to make kids laugh and provoke imaginations and it’s ideal for seven to 12-year-olds.

There are hundreds of original stories for kids to choose from and each story lasts between two and five minutes. Younger readers can press and hold on a word they don’t know to see a definition, just like we can do on our Kindles, and older readers can use the “No Tap” option to see the full conversation all at once.

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We love it because it encourages imagination and creativity through storytelling while helping kids look forward to reading and developing those skills at the same time. And it’s another great example of a product that is located where your kids are spending time already, on their devices. Another great way to balance your kid’s screentime.

Joe Long