Spring Cleaning: 5 Outdoor Spring Chores For Kids

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We recently talked about Spring Cleaning in this post outlining how you can get rid of the stuff in your house, make a buck or help the needy. And all the while, make it fun using ChoreMonster.

Today, it’s time to go over the outdoor chores that spring demands. We hope that these five important tasks are worth adding to ChoreMonster for your kids, but as always, keep things age appropriate.

1) Clean Out The Garage: If your family is like mine, the garage gets neglected for the majority of the cold weather months. Kids run in and drop their gloves, hats, and track in countless items from the outdoors and we usually don’t do a great job of cleaning things up until the weather breaks. This is probably a multi-kid job, but is an essential task.

2) Dog waste in the yard: Sure, you’ve been cleaning up the dog waste during the winter, sorta. Even if you were fairly diligent about keeping up with this, when spring hits, it’s like your pets have been hiding the stuff and you’re suddenly aware of a huge job that needs to be done before the kids can run through it all. It’s gross, but remember when the kids said they would help with the dog? Time to hold them to it.

3) Cleaning Porches and Patios: The porches and patios attached to your home are great places to sit and relax during the spring and summer, but the winter can beat them down pretty hard. To get it ready for the season, sweeping away dead leaves, rinsing away dirt and getting rid of the weeds that are starting to pop up are all great spring tasks for the kids.

4) Wash Bikes & Outdoor Toys: The garage is clean, and the kids are ready to hop on their bikes or play with their outdoor toys. But the dirt, dust and sometimes cobwebs need to be removed before the play starts. The kids might not want to pre-empt the next ride around the neighborhood, but it’s a great opportunity to teach them how important it is to take care of their stuff with a spring cleaning.

5) Help With The Garden: There are all sorts of ways your kids can help out in your garden or maybe just your landscaping. From pulling weeds, to helping plant and general upkeep starts in the spring, but lasts through the end of summmer. Get the kids involved and let them be part of a fun process in your yard.

What are the most important spring chores that you can get your kids involved with?


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