Spark Motivation and Get Chores Done

Parents know how challenging it can be for children to complete chores and tasks around the house. Sometimes there’s begging, nagging, and even occasional punishing. But, those things aren’t required. Incentivizing good behavior, recognizing effort, and rewarding completion can make chores a lot more fun for everyone.

Just like their ever-evolving interests, kids are only incentivized by certain rewards for a small time. If you’re looking for exciting new ways to reward your kids for their effort to help out around the house, consider a few of the following:

A Day at the Amusement Park

Outdoor activities can be the perfect reward while also getting kids to enjoy the outdoors. A trip to an amusement park (especially if one isn’t nearby) will have children taking out the trash and making their beds day after day.

Consider other outdoor activities like heading to a water park or sporting event. During the summer months, public parks often host movies or free concerts for the neighborhood. Allowing Landra teens to go with their friends will make this incentive even more appealing.

Finger Painting

It’s something that seems like an exciting daily activity, but many parents might find the mess to be even more of a chore than anything. Setting aside specific times to be a mess-friendly household is great for younger kids using ChoreMonster. Setting aside specific days for baking is another great option for parents who just can’t handle the mess or time it takes to always allow kids to experiment in the kitchen (even when it’s supposed to be fun).

For teens, offer something like a small stipend to spend decorating their bedroom. This gives them the same sort of creative outlet, a sense of independence, and is an excellent way to show appreciation for their efforts around the house.

Gourmet Breakfast

Kids love having things just for themselves, and sometimes, the rush before daily activities can be enough to turn a rough start into a hectic day. Consider offering a special breakfast before a busy day as something just for them. A time to focus solely on their needs and make sure everything is exactly how they want it.

One-On-One Time

Rewarding children with one-on-one time and additional attention is just as effective as other variations of praise. Have children choose who they would like to spend time with, perhaps a parent, grandparent, or older sibling, and allow them to decide how to spend the time together.

Also, Consider Making the Chores More Fun

At-home scavenger hunts turn chores into treasure! Write clues on pieces of paper that give hints to what needs to be done next. At the end of the hunt, have a special reward waiting. This is ideal for ChoreMonster kids who always want candy in the grocery store checkout line, or can’t keep their hands off the latest Tsum Tsum.

Chores don’t have to be a struggle. Incentivizing tasks and duties is a simple and effective way to teach kids about responsibility – while making it something to look forward to for the whole family.

What are some unique chore ideas you’ve thought of for your kids?

Erin Navaro, an Ohio native, is a young professional who works with older adults, supporting them in every stage of their care. Curious about the world, Erin has lived and worked in Tanzania and India, finding inspiration from the people and cultures that have hosted her along the way. To see what’s next, connect with her on LinkedIn.

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