Sharing is Caring

Over the past few months we’ve been hearing amazing and wonderful things from you, our beta users. Kids are not only doing their chores, but often they are begging to do their chores. Regardless of the reward, kids are helping out around the house without the nagging and the hassle and turmoil that chores once wrought. Now we’re making it easier for you to share ChoreMonster with your friends, so they too can see a transformation in their homes.

We’ve added a new feature; an icon which operates as our invite button. You’ll notice this icon (as seen above), on the Parents page, next to the the LOGOUT button. When you click that icon you’ll be taken to a simple Invite form with three fields for your friends’ email addresses and an area for you to send a custom message. Of course, these are for friends who you think will enjoy ChoreMonster. The bonus is that your kid(s) will get a speciality monster (separate from the vault of earned monsters: his name is Ernest Velope).

What are we doing with those emails? Nothing dubious (we’re not selling them, or sending your friends spam emails asking for donations to save the clouds or turning them into hand puppets and making them sing karaoke to Barry Manilow tunes on a cruise ship). We’re sending an invite code and allowing them beta access to our services. It’s a simple and effective way for us to help spread the word, which helps us continually improve, draw and create a tool that helps you and your kids.


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