Send Your Kids To Summer Camp

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Summer Camps. They’ve been around forever and are still going strong through most of the country. Have you ever sent your kids off to a camp? If they are old enough, it’s a great way to break up their summer routine and give them what typically ends up being a fantastic experience.

When we were growing up, the types of camps that were available were kind of limited. There were traditional summer camps, where the kids went out into the great outdoors and swam, played, and sat around a campfire for a week. Those camps are still around, and are great, but today, the options for camps are kind of amazing.

Here are a few types of summer camps available for kids that might be an option for your kids.

Sports Camps: Sports camps have been around for a long time, but today there are way more, and they are incredibly structured and well run (usually.) If you have an older child, you might ship them off to a basketball, football, or baseball camp for a full week, including overnights. But most camps are much easier and run during the morning or afternoon hours only. It’s a great experience and keeps your kids active and involved, even when their sport is in its off-season.

Technology Camps: The computer camps you may remember when you are younger are not what they once were. Kids as young as 6 years old can participate, and the specialization is really impressive. Choose from programming, game design, robotics or learning how to code. A great option for your kids when they are ready.

Art Camps: For the creative kid in your family, there are plenty of great options to help them increase their skills around like minded kids and instructors. Look to your local art museum, community center or even YMCA for a great art camp options this summer.

Family Camps: Finally, how about going to camp with the whole family? There are some great camps out there that invite your whole crew for a long weekend of family fun. My family has attended a great one over Labor Day weekend since I was little, and it’s a tradition that we all love and hope to keep for as long as we can.

Here are some resources to help making your search for the right camp a little easier.

Are your kids going to any camps this summer? Leave some recommendations in the comments.


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