Rewarding kids for doing things other than chores

What are other uses for ChoreMonster?

It’s not uncommon in most households. You want your child to do something and they don’t want to do it. On this blog and with ChoreMonster in general, we usually are talking about chores when it comes to this scenario. But let’s be honest, the potential for a tense situation that can lead to raised voices, nagging and fighting can happen without a traditional ‘chore’ being part of the equation.

The uses for an application like ChoreMonster are endless. I know that many of you are already using it in creative ways. For my family and me so far though, we have been sticking to the basics. Completed chores get you reward points.

But I have heard of tons of other uses for ChoreMonster for things that aren’t chores at all, or maybe just aren’t traditional chores like making the bed or taking out the trash.

I know some people have told me they use it to encourage their kids to finish their meal at dinnertime.

I know some that use it to ensure that their son or daughter gets twenty minutes of reading done on school nights.

Essentially, ChoreMonster can be used for a lot more than chores and if you are using it for more creative things, we want to know about it.

So in the comment section, let us know your most creative use of ChoreMonster. I know I’ll be listening for new suggestions on how to utilize this tool and get more things done around my house without nagging and fighting.


5 thoughts on “Rewarding kids for doing things other than chores”

  1. If it were up to my children, they would NEVER bathe. They really put up a fight when it’s time for a shower/bath. So I added it to their “chore” list. Now there is no arguing about it and they earn points for the things/privileges they want!

  2. We use it for report cards, for a good attitude, for exceptional behavior, for just about everything! I did mom bucks for my boys…they were rewarded with mom bucks for different things that they would do. We made a catalog and they could “spend” their bucks on all different things! We have just incorporated the two together and it’s wonderful!! Thank you!!

  3. We just started today. I added homework with mom nagging for a few points, homework without mom nagging for a few more points, and starting and finishing with no nudge from mom for twice the points. I did this for the shower too. I also added brushing teeth and hair brushing, two of her pet peeves. I’d like to be able to deduct for negative behaviors too. Is that an option?

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