Quick Tips for Grocery Shopping and Meal Prep

The average American from age 25-64 spends about 37 minutes every single day preparing meals. That may not seem like very much time. Think about it like this that is just over 12 minutes per meal, at three meals per day.

Parents reading this are already rolling their eyes. Getting in and out of the kitchen in under 15 minutes for a whole family is like running the American Ninja Warrior course for the first time, without any training, and finishing in under two minutes. That’s crazy. It’s also a little more likely to look like an episode of Wipeout instead.

The 37 minutes stat takes into account that many individuals include fast food, prepackaged food, or delivery options in their typical daily intake. This is also in food preparation. It does not look at health consciousness, planning, shopping, preparing, and the act of sitting down together and enjoying a good meal.

For anyone looking for ways to cut time on prep, planning, and shopping, and still enjoy a home cooked, delicious, healthy, and creative meal with their family there is always the option of sorting through thousands of pins, scrolling through social feeds, saving favorites, and then reaccessing them. Or, consider these instead.

Accessible Meal Delivery Services

There are multiple companies out there offering meal delivery options. They even divide themselves by organic, vegetarian, vegan, and many other preferences when it comes to diet restrictions. These services take into account busy families who want to eat well, eat healthy, and just don’t have the time to plan out a week’s worth of menu items every Sunday night (or who find themselves crazy busy every Wednesday). They send everything you need for specific recipes straight to your door on whichever day you choose.

Online Grocery Shopping and Pick-Up

Many parents joke about long walks down grocery aisles – alone. Grocery shopping is not always the most successful or relaxing time when kids are in tow. Many chain grocery stores are now offering some form of online grocery shopping with scheduled pick-up times and lanes specifically for those pick-up customers. It takes less time to build shopping carts online, creates less hassle for parents, and for (typically) small fees, it can be a much more enjoyable process.

Groceries Delivered Straight to Your Door

One of the biggest online retailers is offering two-hour delivery in some cities. Many grocery stores offer a form of delivery. Third-party delivery services like Shipt have same-day delivery from nine big brand stores nationwide. Not only can you shop from the comfort of your couch, but you don’t even have to get out of the house to get it. Because runny noses, unruly kids, and Netflix sometimes take priority over shopping.

Have you used any of these services to make grocery shopping easier for you and your family?
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