Plan the Perfect Couple’s Getaway

Imagine sitting on a beach with the sun shining down, waves crashing on the shoreline, book in hand, and no one screaming for mom and dad’s help to build a sandcastle (sounds pretty nice, doesn’t it?). While there’s no denying a parent’s love for their child(ren), taking time away to unwind and refresh is important for every family. Of course, once a couple has a child it becomes the overriding priority. However, too often couple’s let this become the norm; forgetting that a healthy relationship between mom and dad is just as important as a healthy relationship between parent and child.

Although it can be difficult or nearly impossible for some to carve out alone time, it is essential to maintaining a healthy, happy relationship. Fortunately, summer is just around the corner, which means it’s the perfect time to book a babysitter and plan the perfect couple’s getaway. Plan the perfect getaway in six easy steps.

Step 1: Make a List of Ideal Destinations

The best part of planning a trip, brainstorming the destination! It’s always fun to daydream about exotic locales over a glass of wine on date night. Narrow down the bucket list to five possible destinations. Then, do some preliminary research on each location to establish how much it would cost to get there, possible accommodations, and any romantic or adventurous activities nearby.

Step 2: Decide on a Budget

Now, for the not so fun part of planning a getaway, the budget. It’s important to sit down together and come to an agreement so that everyone is on the same page. An online travel budget calculator is a great tool to use because it allows travelers to visualize exactly how much a potential vacation will cost. The calculator includes things travelers often forget to include in their budgets like changes in cell phone plans, wifi costs, currency exchange, and bank fees. Although this step may eliminate the most exotic destinations on the list, a vacation will always be more enjoyable when you’re not dreading any unknown costs that will follow.

Step 3: Choose The Destination and Plan Logistics

Once a budget has been established, picking a destination becomes a bit easier. So, once a destination is selected, it’s time to plan the logistics. Make sure to use price comparison websites to find the best hotel and flight deals available.

Step 4: Make Sure Responsible Care is Available

This step is pretty self-explanatory, but nonetheless, it’s a crucial step for parents when planning a getaway. Ensuring your children are in capable hands goes a long way towards fully relaxing and enjoying a vacation. So, whether it’s Grandma and Grandpa, a lucky Aunt and Uncle, or the favored nanny, ensure the babysitters are booked well in advance! Maybe even set up a backup plan too, just in case.

Step 5: Book It

Once the destination is set, logistics are lined up, and babysitters are booked, it’s finally time to book everything. Most airlines and hotels send confirmation emails that can be flagged as important or filed in a special Vacation folder for easy access while traveling. Don’t forget to print confirmation emails as well to ensure a dead cell phone battery doesn’t stall travel plans.

Step 6: Plan Adventurous Add-On’s

Finally, once all the necessities are booked the fun part begins, planning activities and excursions. Most couples getaways are a rare luxury, rather than a common occurrence, so it’s important to make the most of it. Make reservations at a romantic or expensive restaurant, book a luxurious spa treatment, or go an entirely different direction and conquer a fear together. A no-kids-allowed getaway is the one time parents can truly be themselves instead of mom and dad, so why not do something spontaneous?


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