Pet Chores Get an Upgrade With These 5 Gadgets

With summer just around the corner, it’s time to start thinking about new chores for kids to take on. When it comes to teaching kids the benefits of taking care of others and being responsible, pets are a great place to start. While labor intensive chores might be typical in the warmer months, sometimes it just takes a fresh mind to set up the latest gadget and accomplish things in half the time.

Sure, go ahead and assign dog walking to teenagers. Get them out of the house or use it as a time for a family walk. But, these tech gadgets will make pet chores easy, fun, and ensure they get done.

Set Up a Feeding Schedule

It doesn’t matter if the family pet is a dog or cat (or pig) this automatic pet feeder makes keeping animals on a set eating schedule that much easier. The Qpets Automatic Pet Feeder has six compartments that house dry, moist, or wet food, and can be programed to feed pets up to six times in a 24-hour period. The lid locks in freshness and then slides over whenever it’s time to eat.

Kids can learn to program the feeder so that Fido is fed at 8:00 a.m. and 6:00 p.m. every single day, no matter what the family schedule is. It’s perfect for busy families whose animals are always waiting by the door when they get home. Just make sure to add a chore in ChoreMonster that reminds kids to fill up the feeder once the sixth compartment becomes empty.

Keep a Watchful Eye On Pets

For those long work days, while kids are off at camp, the Petcube Play is like the nanny-cam every family needs. It has night vision, zoom, a wide view, and even video recording capabilities. For anyone who has ever wondered what their dog does at home all day by themselves, the Petcube offers a chance to peek in.

One of the best parts about the Petcube is that it offers a chance for owners to play with their animals while they’re away. So, if it’s been a few hours and it’s obvious that pets are getting restless, the built-in laser can be controlled through an app on a smartphone. Kids will love having one of their chores be to whip out their smartphone and show their friends how they can play with the dog from miles away.

Potty Train Dogs the Pavlov Way

Pavlov used a bell to help teach dogs when to expect food, but this Train ’n Praise Dog Potty Training System from PetSafe uses the same sort of positive reinforcement to teach dogs where it’s acceptable to use the potty. It comes with extra absorbent pads and a treat dispenser that’s controlled by a remote. Anyone living in close quarters could benefit from this kind of training system.

It’s a tough task for anyone, but giving kids the responsibility of potty training a pet can teach them patience, consistency, and control. Accidents are bound to happen, but learning to control their emotions and learn from their own mistakes, but to also stick with something difficult, is an invaluable lesson for kids of all ages.

Give Pets a Cool Drink of Water

This is an awarded pet drinking bowl. The FrostyBowlz Chilled Pet Bowl keeps water cold up to 14 hours and the stainless steel design matches any modern kitchen. Sure, most dogs will drink toilet water, but some dogs and cats prefer ice cold drinking water.

For parents looking to add “keeping the animals food and water full” to their kid’s list of chores, this one just requires children to make sure the gel piece is placed in the freezer overnight and then returned to the bowl with fresh water in the morning.

Track Your Dog’s Health

Our digital society monitors everything. So, what’s wrong with tracking our dog’s activity and health? FitBark tracks activity and sleep and gives real-time insight into health. Owners can set goals, track behavioral patterns, and use the information to catch early signs of illness. FitBark uses the phrase, “Bringing a whole new meaning to #FitFamily,” and boasts its ability to motivate kids, just as much as adults, towards caring for the family dog.

For kids who begged to have a family dog, the FitBark app is a way to make sure they’re full invested in the dog’s health and happiness at home. A recurring weekly chore can be set in Landra to look through the app and see how Fido is doing towards the weekly goal of 30 minutes of exercise per day, and use that information to make adjustments. The data FitBark has collected so far can even help owners learn tendencies of a new addition to the family.
Pets are an extension of many families and adding their care to chore lists can be just as beneficial for the kids taking care of them, or the partner who needs more face-time with a cat that’s partial to someone else. Adding these tasks to ChoreMonster, Landra, or HoneyDo, and setting rewards for their completion, could be the push someone needs to get them accomplished.


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