Parents Make The Best Remote Employees

It’s no secret that technology has allowed us the option of working from wherever, whenever. However, it has only been in the past few years that some companies are fully embracing the perks of allowing employees to work from home.


Employees are starting to look for things like flexible work schedules, extended leave time, working vacations, and are even offering to be available seemingly 24/7. While employees might not be called upon after typical dinner hours, they’ll gladly open, read, and respond to emails at that time in order to be home to pick up the kids from the bus stop every day.


Remote workers, on average, feel more valued by their employers than traditional workers. A recent study asked, “How valued do you feel at work?” Remote workers scored 7.75 compared to traditional workers at 6.69. They also feel more productive – at dramatically high percentages – 91 percent of those workers truly feel that they get more done.


Communication is a key component of remote workers being fully capable of keeping up with tasks and people on their team, no matter their location. Real-time communication packaging software, like Slack, are staples in the connected home office. They understand the need to be constantly connecting, sharing, and exploring new ways to keep everyone on the same page.


It’s costing parents 30 percent of their net income to put two kids in childcare while they head to work for the day. That’s about the same price it costs, per year, to send kids to a public four-year university in the U.S. It’s no wonder parents are looking for ways to work from home and save on some of those costs. Parents used to get 18 years to prepare for that kind of yearly expense.


So, it’s only fitting that remote work would skyrocket. What does it take to be a committed, efficient remote employee? Communication, reliable software, discipline, and a tenacity to make it all work. Parents are natural multi-taskers. You’d be hard pressed not to find one who isn’t capable of fixing dinner, opening a Play-Doh container, snuggling an infant, and talking on the phone at the same time.


Technology has opened the doors to video-conferencing, call merging, three-way calling, instant chats, screen sharing, email, and so much more. Software that allows users to login from anywhere makes data available in real-time, let’s an employee schedule future publishing dates, and alerts them of an upcoming meeting. Remote workers are fiercely organized, using every option available to them to make sure they know exactly what’s going on at all times. Calendars and alerts are utilized, and they’re more than happy to go the extra mile to ensure their employers that the remote setup is one that all benefit from.

FamilyTech Guest