Parenting Around The Web: June 2013


Every now and then we like to focus on the great parenting blogs across the internet by highlighting a few articles from those sites that caught our eye. Sometimes it will have to do with chores, sometimes it will just be about parenting in general. Enjoy some of our recent favorites below.

The AtlanticBoys With Sisters Are Less Likely to Do Chores When They Grow Up

According to a paper in the latest issue of the Journal of Politics, siblings can have a noticeable impact on how a person sees the world as an adult.

Huff Post Parents“Quit Pointing Your Avocado At Me”

People are always asking me: “Glennon, Why are other mothers so judgmental? How do I escape from all the mom-petition?” My answer is always this: If you need it to disappear, stop believing in it. Competition is just like shame. It only exists for people who believe it does.
“11 Water Games and Summer Activities for Kids”

Make a splash with these summer-perfect water games and activities.

Daddy TypesNever Mind The Knockoffs: Punk Onesies


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  1. Your “get satisfaction” process of leaving ideas was maddening, forcing me to create an account or log in with my social media accounts. I’m frustrated that it isn’t simpler to leave you an idea.

    Here’s the idea: I have more than one child capable of accomplishing various chores. Sometimes they like to trade or someone is at camp for a week or spending the night at someone’s house and a sibling is willing to do his or her job that day. I’d love to have something that allows the parent to easily re-assign a chore (that way it is parent-approved/regulated). It’s kind of like the skip button, except the sibling to whom it is reassigned gets the extra points (without the parent having to create a separate, one-time chore for the willing replacement worker). It’s probably a complicated matrix to create at a technical level, but it would help my complicated household live more simply and happily 🙂

    Thank you for receiving my idea here.

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