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Every now and then we like to focus on the great parenting blogs across the internet by highlighting a few articles from those sites that caught our eye. Sometimes it will have to do with chores, sometimes it will just be about parenting in general. This time, we are sticking with a theme as kids are getting out of school and parents are dealing with a new schedule.

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17 Ways to keep kids entertained this summer:

Want to keep your kids engaged this summer? Check out these 17 different ways you can keep your little ones entertained this summer.

Summer Camp Summary: Super Mommy…Not!

Summer is right around the corner and picking the perfect camp for your kids can be a job within itself. So, where do you start? Here are some tips to get you headed in the right direction!

Summer’s 5 Must Visit Theme Parks!: Black and Married with kids

Summer is fastly approaching and everyone is thinking of summer camps, family vacations and things to do on the weekend. When I was coming up, I always looked forward to summer and our annual visit to the amusement park as it was called way back then (lol). So with that in mind we thought we would bring you our top 5 theme parks for this summer.

10 Ways to Encourage Summer Reading: Dayton Mom-Spot

How can we make kids enjoy reading? How can we encourage them to spend time lost inside the pages of a great book?

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