Parenting Across The Web: Internet Safety

Internet Safety

Parenting across the web is a semi-regular feature here on the ChoreMonster blog where we try to highlight great parenting blogs. There are always tons to choose from, but take some time today to click through to these articles.

Today we grabbed three very helpful articles related to safety on the internet for your kids.

Rage Against The Minivan has a post about how to keep adult content off your IPhone and IPad. Some very helpful stuff, here is an excerpt.

“Kids searching for sexual content is not about “what kind of kids they are” but more about natural curiosity and access to the internet. It’s naïve to assume that our special kids will never do something like that. We wouldn’t leave a playboy next to the toilet in the bathroom and tell our kids not to look at it when the go to the bathroom. Nor should we hand our kids a smartphone that hasn’t been secured to keep it from becoming “pocket porn” in the hands of a curious child.”

Huff Post Parents writes about someone teaching online safety that you might not expect….Elmo.

“Children continue to access the Internet at staggeringly young ages. Eighty one percent of children as young as three years of age use the Internet, according to the U.S. Department of Education. Children are exposed to an unfiltered adult world on the Internet complete with phishing identify theft, data corruption and sexual content. The average age of a young person’s first exposure to pornography may even be as young as 11-years-old.”

And one more post worth highlighting, this one from BlogHer titled, ‘So I Posted Photos of My Kid Online and This is Where They Ended Up.’

“And then it happened. I stumbled on a picture I took of the twins during potty training. Their legs were exposed and smeared with unspeakables (It was epic and photographic evidence was non-negotiable in my head). This is what mommy blogging is all about, yes?”


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