Our Favorite Tech Products For Families from CES 2018

Another CES took place in Las Vegas last week, and the number of new technology products is a lot to take in. Smart home technology continues to grow, augmented reality is on the move as well, and robots and artificial intelligence are booming. Here are a few of our favorite new products from this year’s Consumer Electronics Show.

My Special Aflac Duck

One of the most talked about products of CES 2018 was a robot duck you probably recognize. Aflac teamed up with Sproutel to create My Special Aflac Duck, which is a robotic comfort toy to help kids being treated for cancer. The duck has sensors that react to touch and a microphone and light sensor that adapts to its surrounding environments and adjust the duck’s behavior.

It’s lifelike and can dance and cuddle and (of course) quack. And it’s not only a fun toy to play with, as the duck has a light on its chest where kids can place an RFID feeler card with various emojis on them. The children decide how the duck feels which can help children communicate their feelings.

The sensor has a chemotherapy PICC line attachment as well that lets kids witness it go through the same treatment as they go through. Watch the video for more.

Magik Augmented Reality Toothbrush

What if brushing your teeth was gamified? That’s the thought behind this brand new toothbrush from Kolibree. Geared towards kids, the toothbrush uses an app that recognized the brush and your face, and then the fun begins.

Kids choose from 15 different games and brush their way through various worlds while they are learning consistent brushing methods at the same time. Parents can monitor their kid’s brushing habits through the app as well, and if you’re worried about over brushing, it can be used a maximum of three times per day.

Merge 6DoF Blaster

Here’s a fun toy that the whole family will love. This Nerf-life toy gun allows you to play a ton of mixed reality games when a smartphone is attached. The 6DoF props up your phone in the same spot a gun sight might be and has four clickable buttons, including the trigger.

At CES, they demoed a game where players shoot neon robots in a 3D environment, and the extra buttons allow them to zoom in, slow down time and reload. It plays seamlessly, following crouching and walking movements.

This video gives you a better view.

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Joe Long