New Smart Home Products To Keep An Eye On

The market for smart home technology continues to grow. And voice automation along with different devices to make your home “smarter” and easier to navigate are becoming more and more accessible. And the good news is, many of these products are becoming more and more affordable as well. Here are a handful of new products recently released that are worth looking into a little more.

Echo Show Spot

Amazon announced a slew of new products recently, highlighted by the Echo Show Spot. You’re probably already familiar with the Echo line, and the Show Spot is kind of a combination of Echo products. Just take the Echo Show and merge it with the Dot and you get a Show Spot. It features a 2.5-inch screen that allows it to double as an alarm clock or a nursery camera, all while still being able to make video calls through the mini display.

Nest Hello

You know the Nest name because of the success of their Smart Thermostats. And now they’re expanding their offerings with the Nest Hello. The Hello is a video doorbell that combines the convenience of a video doorbell with the image quality and intelligence of a Nest Cam. See people at your front door or packages on the ground in HD quality with a 160° field of view and a 4:3 aspect ratio. It also has live streaming and night vision.

Ikea Home Automation

This isn’t brand new but has yet to hit the US yet and might have flown under your radar. Ikea, famous for their superstores and inexpensive, stylish furniture and products, are jumping into the smart home space with a line of smart lighting options. The TRÅDFRI smart kit includes a wall-mountable and battery-powered dimmer switch, two white bulbs, and a hub that allows users to create device groupings that work together.

Glow Smart Energy Tracker

Here’s a new product that isn’t from an established brand. The Glow Smart Energy Tracker is available on Kickstarter and aims to lower your home energy bills. It features a wireless tracking unit that measures your home’s energy consumption from your meter box. It’s easy to install and requires no wiring. The data is sent to the in-home unit, which uses a light that changes colors from green to red depending on your usage rates. You get a notification if it notices extended high usage and can help you set energy usage goals.

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Joe Long