New Ideas For Cheap Family Nights During Summer

Photo credit: Skakerman / Foter / CC BY

When the kids are out of school and evenings become a bit more flexible, it’s time to start gearing your family night’s towards the season. Here are a handful of great ideas you can try this summer with your crew, and they are all affordable.

Outdoor movie night: In my old neighborhood, we had a neighbor who would project movies onto the side of their house for all of the kids. This is an awesome thing for your family to try out if you have access to a projector and the weather is just right. It’s way easier than you think.

Family Bike Ride: Dust off the bikes and lead the crew on a family bike ride through your neighborhood, or load up your family van with bikes and take them to a scenic area for a ride near you. Cap the night off with some ice cream at a local shop or a special treat at home.

Backyard Camping: A family camping trip is great, but with all the planning involved, it can fall by the wayside at times. Why not try the same thing, but in your own backyard? Have a special grill out, play some games, and then retire to the tent in the backyard. It’s fun, cheap, and allows you to be only steps away from the comfort of your home if the weather gets bad.

Make your own grilled pizza night: For this family night, let your kids pick exactly what they want on their own pizzas. No more arguments about toppings or how much pizza to order. Let them pick and then grill your pie outside on the grill. It’s a great option and is very easy.

Mini Golf: This will cost a few bucks, although not too much depending on the size of your family, and is really fun. You probably did it as a kid, and it’s just as fun as an adult with the kids. Be as competitive as you want or just play for fun, either way it’s a great idea for family night.

What ideas do you have for fun family nights this summer?


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