Near or Far, Tech Equips Couples for Success

Face it; life tends to get chaotic. Everyone is so busy that it’s easy to forget the little, daily things – like watering plants or important appointments. When in a relationship, there seems to be even less time for all of the day-to-day tasks. Luckily, there are some things out there that help make connecting in a relationship easier when busy with work, friends, exercise, scheduling, and, well, life.


Having an active, on-the-go lifestyle can create challenges for couples to communicate effectively. Non-traditional jobs that require odd hours, travel and off-site meetings leave even less opportunities for quality time between couples. Technology can help bridge the communication gap with quick texts, social media, and apps that facilitate conversations that are missing.


From Skype to Snapchat, there’s a wide range of products that allow couples not just to communicate, but to engage in a fun and meaningful way. Skype helps couples see each other and interact during work trips, and Snapchat allows for the chance to be silly and candid. Tech is keeping couples in-tune, engaged, and more connected than ever before.


Tech plays a vital role in helping couples learn together. For example, Duolingo is an app that helps teach different languages. Imagine meeting someone fascinating from another country. Their native language is different, so there are occasional mishaps in communication. This could lead to a struggle to express feelings or needs, causing frustration and resentment. Or, it could be a chance to learn together and practice each other’s native tongue. Je t’aime, Ich liebe Dich, or ti amo never sounded so good.


On the other hand, Netflix is perfect for binge watching Friends from the beginning and enjoying quality, stress-free time together. Instead of using the TV, tablet, or smartphone to zone out and forget the other person is sitting there, choose to use it for a little us time. Picking a new series to start together can offer up new conversations with someone who already knows everything about their partner. The most overlooked aspects of daily technology use can connect couples in ways they’ve already forgotten.
Of course, some seasons of life make couples feel more like business partners than significant others. Parenting is notoriously placed in this category. For couples who have spent decades together, sometimes it’s everyday tasks that make life a little too chaotic to feel like the connection is still as strong as ever. There’s an app for that. HoneyDo brings back that spark and lets couples recognize each other’s hard work and prioritize time together as a reward. Rewards might seem elementary to some, but to others, it’s just another way to say “Thank you” and “I recognize what you do for us!”


Diana Aquino is a Marketing and Project Management professional with extensive experience in mobile, app analytics, and marketing strategy. She’s worked with some of the biggest brands in the world, helping apps reach top ranks. You can reach her on Twitter, or connect with her on Linkedin.




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