Modeling Hard Work For Your Kids

When you were growing up, chances are your Dad or Mom modeled hard work for you in some way. You might not have understood it as a child, but the older you got, the more you realized that they not only had a job to do away from the house each day, but made sure the house functioned inside as well.

Our kids usually don’t get to see how hard we work at our jobs (and may not be impressed if they knew we looked at a computer screen all day,) but they do get to see what we model when we are at home. Part of the reason I’m discussing this topic is because of a recent story I read about Father’s modeling hard work around the house for their daughters.

The study, to be published in the journal Psychological Science, found that fathers who perform household chores are more likely to bring up daughters who break out of the mold of traditional female jobs and aspire to careers in business, legal and other professions, CTV reports.

It’s an interesting study, to say the least. And it’s something we probably don’t really think about. I mean, if you’re a Dad and just happen to cook or clean or do chores around the house that have traditionally been done by females, you might be showing your daughter that she too can do non-traditional things outside the home when she gets older.

I’d have to imagine this can translate on the other side of the coin as well, right? I know in my house, it’s my wife who has a tool set and is much handier around the house than I’ve ever been. Does this mean the same thing for them?

One thing I do know is that how you handle your own household duties will translate to how your kids handle theirs. If they see you going about tasks without complaining and in a general sense setting a good example, there is a much better chance that they will adopt some of those same traits in your home, or at least, when they get older.

So when it comes to chores and household duties, model hard work for your kids and show them a great example of working hard with a positive attitude.


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