Our mission is to make every home a joyful place.

At FamilyTech, we believe strong families are the foundation of strong communities. That’s why we use technology to connect and inspire families, including parents, teens, kids, and couples. Since its inception, FamilyTech has enrolled millions of users who have completed and rewarded tens of millions of tasks.

Major Milestones


Launched HoneyDo™ app for couples
Partnership in-app of Circle with Disney
Enterprise (licensing) capability
Ongoing brand campaigns
Winner, “Outstanding Marketing Technology”


Launched Mothershp™ for parents and Landra™ for teens
Company renamed FamilyTech™
“Repeat” campaigns by brands with prior experience
First sampling campaign


Scaled entertainment brand campaigns, including Disney
Scaled pet brand campaigns, including MilkBone
Endorsed in US Weekly


Endorsed by USA Today and Parents as top family apps
Participated in Disney Accelerator
Scaled CPG brand campaigns, including P&G


Launched ChoreMonster app
First brand marketing test campaign


Company founded as ChoreMonster™
Workshops and early funding


Participated in The Brandery Accelerator.