Let Circle with Disney Simplify the Holiday Season

The holiday season is in full swing, and with it comes the changing schedules and habits of your home. The kids are jumping into a holiday break from school, which means different bedtimes and an inconsistent calendar.

The holidays also bring many families new devices. It could be the first cell phone for your pre-teen, or a new tablet for games and streaming video. And even if there aren’t any new devices to keep track of, the current technology your family is using spikes typically during the holidays.

How can you manage all of this as a parent? It’s not easy, and trying to install the right parental controls on all devices can be a real headache and usually is less than sufficient. And that’s where Circle helps you manage screen time in your home.

And while the screen time debate could go on forever, I think most parents can at least agree that there are times when we would prefer to have devices unavailable and not have it turn into a big argument. That’s where Circle comes in. The small, white device pairs to your home wireless router and allows parents to manage every device on the home Wi-Fi network.

Circle is easy to setup and has a user-friendly app. You can get as detailed as you want while customizing family member’s profiles using Filters and Time Limits, from limiting one of the kid’s Instagram time to designating a no devices policy during dinner by Pausing the Internet for everyone connected (including Mom & Dad). Customize time for homework using Off Time, and give out Rewards. You can also bump up a time limit, or give a later BedTime for a special occasion.

And just in case that isn’t enough, FamilyTech is a proud Circle with Disney partner! Together, we’re helping to digitally link chore completion with specific rewards offered through Circle’s management system. This gives parents a brand new way to connect all of the tech in their home and know more about what is going on with their kids online. So while the holidays can be a challenge, Circle with Disney provides homes with a positive, and fun option to make the home a more joyful place.

Snag a Circle this holiday season.

Sponsored by Circle.

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Joe Long