Confessions of a lazy ChoreMonster Parent

If I haven’t admitted it before, I’m doing it now. I am a lazy parent.

That’s right, I said the words you’ve probably said to yourself many times over. But don’t feel bad about it, you aren’t alone! Lazy parents unite! Well, maybe not, I mean, who has time for that, right?

All kidding aside, one of the things that constantly suffers in my house when my wife and I are being lazy is how we reward our kids for their hard work. They are far from perfect when it comes to chores and even when it comes to keeping up with using ChoreMonster.

It’s tough enough to make it a habit, but it can be even tougher to be consistent with that habit, even when you’ve had a good run of success. Here is an example from my home that popped up over the weekend.

We had three or four rewards that our kids had cashed in that we had yet to fullfil. Lazy, I know.

In the past, when we forgot to pay the kids an allowance, or forgot to have them complete an awful chore chart, it was nearly impossible to play catch up. How many weeks do I owe you for? How many days did you do chores and how many did you forget? The questions pile up and it ends up extending the process and the frustration for the parents and for the kids. A situation like that will cause your kids to not want to do chores again, ever, because without some sort of reward enticement, what’s the point?

This is where ChoreMonster comes in and saves the day for my family.

Even if we have been lazy, the tracking and history behind the app makes it so much easier to catch up. My wife and I sat down and went over where we were being too relaxed and had a solution drawn up and executed within about 10 minutes.

So if you’re a lazy parent, or a parent who isn’t that lazy, consider how ChoreMonster can help. It might just keep your kids motivated enough to actually do their chores!


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