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In order for ChoreMonster to really be all that it can be for you, and your family, you have to remain consistent as parents. I’ve talked about this in the past and it still rings true in my own family, and in many other families I hear from.

I was thinking about this recently, and wanted to add some thoughts to it, specific to something I’ve learned from my kids and their use of ChoreMonster.

My family started ChoreMonster about one year ago, and in some ways, it’s been a bit of a rollercoaster. The initial excitement of a new thing wore off after about a month in our home, and at times, it became an afterthought. This was ENTIRELY because I got distracted with other things and was inconsistent keeping my kids moving forward towards their goals. I found that when I was excited about the routine, they were also in.

However, one other thing really has stood out to me, and it might be similar in your house.

It’s all about the device.

What I mean is simply this. When my kids have had a new or interesting device to use, they do their chores more consistently, regardless of my excitement. Last Christmas, we got an IPad for my boys to share, and their interest in ChoreMonster spiked.

This summer, two of my sons got new IPods, and suddenly I saw them doing their chores, almost every day.

I’m not saying that the solution to your chore inconsistency is to rush out and buy new devices whenever there is a lull, but I would say that if you are relying only on the ChoreMonster desktop, and you are having problems staying consistent, a device might get you a lot closer to the consistency you crave.

And of course, be an adult and remind your kids that they have awesome rewards they can achieve. After all, even the most motivated kids striving for the best rewards get distracted and forget about those things if you aren’t cheering them on consistently.


3 thoughts on “It's all about the device”

  1. Hi there and thanks for a great idea!
    I just lack one thing, and that is female monsters. It seems like most of the monsters are guys?
    Keep up the good work/ Åsa, Sweden

  2. It would also be great if your app could send a little pop-up reminder letting them know that they have chores waiting for them. My kids sometimes forget to check the app to see if they have any chores assigned to them that day. If they got a pop-up reminder shortly after they arrive home from school, they could do their chores before mom and dad get home!

  3. Android app please!! We just switched from iPhone and would love to continue using our PAID subscription!

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