Introducing: ChoreMonster for Apple Watch

At ChoreMonster we care about every household being a joyful place. Well, that, plus making kids laugh with farting monsters. With both, our mission has always been to bring families together with our technology. We care more about Family Interactions than Screen Time, and ensuring the least friction possible when families complete chores around the house. This is why we had to let you know how stinking excited we are about Apple Watch. That’s right moms and dads, ChoreMonster is now available for Apple Watch.

“How can Apple Watch actually help me?” This is the question many parents are asking about the new technology. Today, we want to show more great uses for Parents; where our focus is on completing chores quickly and getting back to what is important: spending time together.

With Glances, Notifications, and a few exclusive features for Apple Watch, we’ve made ChoreMonster even more fun and simple for your family.

What are Glances? Glances are all about quick information. They instantly show you the chore status of your entire household with a simple and easy to read progress bar. See how many chores have been completed versus the total number of chores due for the day.

What are Notifications? Notifications allow you to quickly approve or deny your child’s completed chores, right from Apple Watch.

When you open our ChoreMonster app for Apple Watch, you’ll first see an overview for each of your children, and a convenient progress bar that shows the status of their current chores. Tap on a child’s name to see their point total and a full list of chores they have due that day.

If there are any chores waiting to be approved, you can easily access them by tapping the bright red “Chore Approval” button at the top of the screen. From here you can approve or deny chores individually or “Approval All” with two simple taps.

We’ve even added an exclusive feature just for Apple Watch – the ability to send a Chore Reminder directly to your child! Tap on any child, and then a specific chore. Select “Remind” to send a push notification to your child’s device reminding them to complete this chore.

And, just like that, parenting has become even easier with ChoreMonster and Apple Watch!


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