Improve The Workplace With Technology

Not only does technology shape our lives at home, it shapes and defines the workplace. Technology has driven the growth of new products, services, jobs, and even entirely new industries. Social Media Marketers, for example, didn’t even exist a few years ago. However, they play a crucial role in companies in the 21st Century.  

Lucky for us, technology in the workplace has presented us with tons of benefits and opportunities. Our lives at work have improved in three key areas:


Ever heard the term ‘communication is key’? Well, technology has helped us master this mantra. There are countless mobile apps and programs out there designed solely for efficient, quick, and direct communication. Sharing complex ideas, notes, and presentations isn’t a challenge anymore, and that’s a huge relief. Plus, most programs are free (or have a free trial period), and have readily available tutorials making it really easy to get your entire team to engage.

And there’s a huge bonus too – technological advancements have allowed us the ability to work from home (score)! We have access to things like video conference software (like Skype) and capabilities like sharing your computer screen from anywhere in the world; incredibly valuable. It means you don’t have to be chained to your desk in order to successfully complete your duties, and allows for a work/life balance. It makes working with clients and co-workers around the world a breeze. Time zones and distance is no longer a constraint.


A lot of professionals have struggled with balancing efficiency and quality. Major praise goes to software that’s dedicated to solving exactly that. They are designed to eliminate tedious manual work, so you can focus on more important things. Even lunchtime at the office has become efficient thanks to companies like UberEats and Foodora. It doesn’t get easier than ordering your lunch online, and having it delivered right to your office.

Technology in the office also saves time by speeding up the workflow process. Digital filing systems save space, paper, and printing costs. As well, resources like electronic files and access to information technology are available with the click of a button.


Working with teams can be difficult (especially for the introverts out there). However, technology eliminates the social anxiety around it. Modern workplaces are more flexible than ever before and are adapting things like interactive boardrooms, smart conference systems, and collaboration software. If there’s a major conflict within a team, there are greater opportunities available to help find a resolution. Technology can aid this by providing platforms to disclose what people are working on and thinking about, and provides a medium to share feedback or concerns.


Diana Aquino is a Marketing and Project Management professional with extensive experience in mobile, app analytics, and marketing strategy. She’s worked with some of the biggest brands in the world, helping apps reach top ranks. You can reach her on Twitter, or connect with her on LinkedIn.

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