Hi-Tech Camping Gadgets For the Great Outdoors

With the weather breaking, the great outdoors might be calling. Make your next camping trip one to remember with a few hi-tech essentials that help make the outdoors feel more like home.

Handspresso Wild Hybrid Pump

Coffee lover? This outdoor set will keep the caffeine pumping in the most convenient way. This set includes everything you need to have coffee on the go. It comes with a durable case made for bumps and tumbles, four unbreakable cups, and a stainless steel thermo-insulated flask. The attached Handspresso Pump pumps the water to a hot temperature using a built-in thermometer. Load the pump with either fresh coffee grounds or pre-made coffee pods, lock the device, and it’s ready to brew. Flip a switch and the pressure of the air and hot water forces the coffee out into one steaming cup of joe.

PowerMonkey Extreme

While off camping for a few days, it’s likely that your phone or tablet will need a charge. The PowerMonkey Extreme is a portable solar-powered charger that is capable of charging smart devices up to six times. Using the sun, the PowerMonkey Extreme can charge the device and itself simultaneously. It also comes with a universal wall charger that can be used in 150 different countries. This eco-friendly charger has advanced solar technology allowing it to be used in cloudy conditions. Heading off into the great outdoors doesn’t mean disconnecting completely. This solar-powered charger keeps campers in tune with the real world.

Helix Bluetooth Lantern

We aren’t used to being completely out of luck when the sun goes down. What could be better than a portable Bluetooth light? The Helix Bluetooth Lantern has a rechargeable battery that offers light for up to 22 hours. The lantern comes with a free app that makes the light fully operable through the Bluetooth feature on any smartphone. The Helix Lantern comes with straps to attach to a hiking pack or to hang in multiple positions offering light where it’s needed most.

Grayl Water Bottle

The Grayl Water Bottle is a one-touch mechanism that removes all the pathogens and impurities from foreign water. It can simultaneously purify and filter water in 15 seconds. The filter cartridge can get up to 300 uses and is replaceable after that time. The Grayl is lightweight making it simple to carry in a backpack and has been rigorously tested to ensure it’s clean water capabilities.

Earl Survival Tablet

The Earl Survival Tablet is meant for the deep, jungle-like backwoods without internet or wifi accessibility. It offers a flexible E-Ink screen that can double as an emergency lantern, integrated solar panel, internal weather sensors, AM/FM/SW/LW radio, or used as a two-way radio. The Earl Tablet is water, mud, shock, and dustproof, offering high-quality results in any condition. This touchscreen tablet can be used while wearing gloves preventing any damage to the skin in harsh weather conditions.

If camping is something your family loves to do, add it as a reward in ChoreMonster or Landra and grab add one of these hi-tech gadgets as an added bonus to help brave the great outdoors.

Kimberly Lewis is a graduate of Northern Kentucky University with a Bachelor’s Degree in education. She taught science at the Warren County Alternative School before choosing to continue her love of writing as a freelancer while at home raising her two children.

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