Here’s What’s Coming to Netflix in January for Viewers 12 and Under

Every month, Netflix says goodbye to loads of streaming movies and television and adds a slew of new options for subscribers. These five are age appropriate for viewers under 12.


January 1:


Nancy Drew (2007)


Rating: PG for mild violence, thematic elements, and brief language.

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The stories of Nancy Drew first became popular as a book series for young readers all the way back in 1930. Combining all genres, there are over 200 books featuring the character.

This movie follows Nancy Drew, girl detective, as she heads with her father to California and stumbles upon a murder mystery of a Hollywood star. This is a story of a young child learning what it means to stay true to you, perfect for little ones trying to find their way.


January 7


Alpha and Omega: The Big Fureeze (2016)


Rating: PG for rude humor, mild language, heavy action, and some disturbing imagery. This one might be best for those closer to their teens.

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The Big Fureeze is the seventh in the Alpha and Omega series and this time, Humphrey and Kate set out for food for the winter but end up stuck in an out-of-control blizzard. It’s up to the pups and their friends to save the wolves and bring them home safely. A perfect movie for those long, snowy winter nights.


January 9:


Ratchet & Clank (2016)


Rating: PG for action and some rude humor.

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Ratchet and Clank is based on the PlayStation game and is now an action and adventure animated movie following the story of two heroes, a mechanic and a robot, trying to save their galaxy from a super villain. Throughout their journey, Ratchet and Clank will learn the importance of friendship and personal identity.


January 10:

Best Friends Whenever (2015)


Rating: Suggested for ages 6+.

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Best Friends Whenever is a Disney channel series (two seasons and counting) that follows two girls in time travel. A failed science experiment forces the female duo to jump backwards and forwards through time. Their friends are called to the rescue when the pair gets trapped in the 16th century.


January 20:

Voltron: Legendary Defender (2016)


Rating: TV-Y7 is meant for children over the age of seven and can distinguish the differences between science fiction and real life. It also includes a FV rating for fantasy violence.

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This adventure, sci-fi, animated series follows four Earth teenagers who pilot a super robot named Voltron, and are their galaxies last defending hope against an evil alien, King Zarkon. The Voltron series was originally adapted from the Japanese Anime, Lion Force Voltron. Voltron also comes in the form of comic books for a follow-up on the original series.

Kimberly Lewis is a graduate of Northern Kentucky University with a Bachelor’s Degree in education. She taught science at the Warren County Alternative School before choosing to continue her love of writing as a freelancer while at home raising her two children.

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